Section 10. ,000 Leagues of Undo

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10 ,000 Leagues of Undo


We're human beings, and as such, we make mistakes. Some of us make more than others, although I don't makE any... oops! Of course, Flash takes this into account and gives you the ability to undo the things you do in a document. However, by default you're only allowed 100 actions before Flash begins to forget what you did. Okay, 100 is a lot, but that may be the point. Every undo allowed takes up memory, so if you have a computer with limited resources, or if you just want to be able to make more mistakes, Flash can accommodate you. In your Flash preferences (CTRL-U or Flash Preferences) under the General tab there is a box for you to specify the number of Undo levels you'd like to allow for. Enter any number from 2 to 9999 that you feel best suits your needs. I use 2, wink, wink.

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