Cleaning House, or the Library

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Okay, so you've been importing graphics, creating buttons, and converting things to movie clips for hours. You've changed your animations so much that you can't remember what they were supposed to be when you started. Now when you look at your Library, it's filled with tons of stuff, and you're not sure if you're using even half of it. If you're like me, you like to run a tight ship and want all unused materials destroyed. Luckily, the Library has a nifty feature that tells you if an asset is being used anywhere in the movie.


Click the panel menu at the top right of the Library and put a check by Keep Use Counts Updated. Next, expand the Library by clicking the middle of the three buttons above the Library's vertical scrollbar. You can now see the number of times each asset is being used and delete any unused item. Be sure to turn off this feature when you're done because it does use processing power. Be warned that if you are attaching movies using linkage settings and ActionScript, this feature will not identify them as being used. It only recognizes them when they are physically placed on the Stage.

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