Component Inspector Versus Property Inspector

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As you've seen, the Property inspector is a powerful panel that lets you set options for almost any selected item in your document. The same is true when you select a component instance. The Property inspector lists a number of options and parameters that you can set for that component.

What might seem strange is that there is also a Component inspector (ALT-F7) that lists the same parameters. Or does it? Actually, you can use the Property inspector to set the basic parameters specified by the component author. Using the Component inspector lists the basic parameters as well as several "verbose" or advanced ones for that component. Also, depending upon the component, the Component inspector may be the only place you can edit properties (i.e., MediaDisplay).

My advice is this: Always use the Property inspector unless you're a more advanced user and feel comfortable with the more advanced parameters. After all, there's really no need to have an extra panel open when one will do.


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