Am I Tripping?

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For some, this will be useful; for others, just a fun, trippy thing to do every once in a while to impress your friends. When you have any tween or any movement on your Timeline by any means, there is an option in the Flash Timeline to let you view several frames of an animation at a time. This feature is referred to as Onion Skinning, but without the tears. To enable Onion Skinning, look to the bottom of the Timeline directly under the first frame. The second button from the left toggles the Onion Skinning mode.

Once you're in that mode, you can move the black brackets above the Timeline by grabbing their center to cover the desired range you want to be included in the Onion Skinning view. This can be very useful when applying frame-by-frame animation techniques because it enables you to see ahead or behind for a reference.


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