157. Statutory invention registration

157. Statutory invention registration

This statute provides a means for putting an invention into the public domain to preclude anyone else from patenting it.

  1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, the Director is authorized to publish a statutory invention registration containing the specification and drawings of a regularly filed application for a patent without examination if the applicant—

    1. meets the requirements of section 112 of this title;

    2. has complied with the requirements for printing, as set forth in regulations of the Director;

    3. waives the right to receive a patent on the invention within such period as may be prescribed by the Director; and

    4. pays application, publication, and other processing fees established by the Director.

    If an interference is declared with respect to such an application, a statutory invention registration may not be published unless the issue of priority of invention is finally determined in favor of the applicant.

  2. The waiver under subsection (a)(3) of this section by an applicant shall take effect upon publication of the statutory invention registration.

  3. A statutory invention registration published pursuant to this section shall have all of the attributes specified for patents in this title except those specified in section 183 and sections 271 through 289 of this title. A statutory invention registration shall not have any of the attributes specified for patents in any other provision of law other than this title. A statutory invention registration published pursuant to this section shall give appropriate notice to the public, pursuant to regulations which the Director shall issue, of the preceding provisions of this subsection. The invention with respect to which a statutory invention certificate is published is not a patented invention for purposes of section 292 of this title.

  4. The Secretary of Commerce shall report to the Congress annually on the use of statutory invention registrations. Such report shall include an assessment of the degree to which agencies of the Federal Government are making use of the statutory invention registration system, the degree to which it aids the management of federally developed technology, and an assessment of the cost savings to the Federal Government of the use of such procedures.

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