C. More Self-Help Intellectual Property Resources

Although this desk reference provides a great deal of information about the language and law associated with intellectual property, it cannot possibly provide step-by-step instructions for following various government procedures and programs to protect works of intellectual property.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent self-help resources if you’re interested in intellectual property—whether you’re using a lawyer or doing research on your own. We provide below brief descriptions of resources published by Nolo that provide detailed guidance. (Order information is at the back of this book, or visit our website: www.nolo.com.)

  • Copyright Your Software by Stephen Fishman, explains everything about software copyright protection, and provides official copyright forms along with step-by-step instructions.

  • Domain Names: How to Choose and Protect a Great Name for Your Website, by attorneys Patricia Gima and Stephen Elias, explains in plain English how to choose, register and protect a domain name.

  • Getting Permission: How to License and Clear Copyrighted Materials Online and Off, by Richard Stim, spells out how to obtain permission to use art, music, writing or other copyrighted works.

  • License Your Invention, by Richard Stim, guides the reader through the important process of giving others permission to use, develop and market an invention.

  • Nolo’s Patents for Beginners, by David Pressman and Richard Stim. This quick and easy guide to patent law sets out the basics for protecting, searching, documenting and registering patentable inventions.

  • Nondisclosure Agreements: Protect Your Trade Secrets and More, by Richard Stim and Stephen Fishman, clarifies the principles of trade secrecy and guides you through the development of a nondisclosure agreement.

  • Patent It Yourself, by David Pressman. Patent attorney and former patent examiner David Pressman takes inventors through the entire process—from conducting a patent search to filing a successful application.

  • Patent Pending in 24 Hours, by Richard Stim and David Pressman, shows you how to prepare, assemble and file a provisional patent application—an abbreviated patent application that preserves your priority of invention for 12 months.

  • Patent Searching Made Easy, by David Hitchcock, shows how to use the Internet and other free resources to search for patents.

  • PatentPro Plus (software), combining the bestselling book Patent It Yourself with the popular PatentPro software (Windows), enables users to prepare, assemble and file a utility patent.

  • The Copyright Handbook, by Stephen Fishman, takes the reader through the process of protecting all kinds of written expression under copyright law.

  • The Inventor’s Notebook, by Fred Grissom and David Pressman, is an annotated book that can be used to document the creation of an invention.

  • The Patent Drawing Book, by Jack Lo and David Pressman, teaches how to use pen and ink, computerized drawing programs and photography to prepare patent drawings.

  • The Public Domain: How to Find and Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More, by Stephen Fishman, is an essential roadmap for determining whether music, writing, artwork and movies are free to use.

  • Trademark: Legal Care for Your Business and Product Name, by Stephen Elias, shows how to choose a distinctive name, conduct a trademark search and register a mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Web & Software Development: A Legal Guide, by Stephen Fishman, covers website development, software development, intellectual property laws, and the legalities of working with independent contractors and employees.The Inventor’s Law, Business & Tax Guide, by Stephen Fishman, provides information on taxes, starting and running your invention business and licensing and protecting inventions.

  • Your Crafts Business: A Legal Guide, by Richard Stim, explains the law for crafts artists including taxes, starting and running your crafts business and selling, licensing and protecting crafts.

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