Using the Output Wizard

Version 6 introduces the Output wizard as a way to simplify the process of getting your work out of the computer, especially for first-time users. There aren't that many steps to using the wizard, but it does demonstrate how the export workflow works, which can, at least, be illuminating. If you are new to NLE or Liquid Edition, it is best if you start by exploring the export functions of this program by using the wizards first.

To use the Output wizard

  • Click File > Output Wizard to display the choices available (Figure 13.1).

    Figure 13.1. The Output wizard is new to version 6.

    Each of these choices is clearly explained by the text beside the button. Click any of the buttons to launch the appropriate application (Figure 13.2).

    Figure 13.2. The Record To Tape, Export (to disc), and Export Sequence (to file) interfaces.


  • Fuse Sequence is not an option in the Output wizard; you must access it directly from the File menu. See the "Fusing a Sequence" section later in this chapter for more information on this.

  • For complete details on the Burn to Disk option, see Chapter 12.

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