Editing a DVD Menu

Once the interface is open, you can change pretty much every element of the menu to one degree or another. You can accomplish this using preset fonts and letter styles or by creating your own in Photoshop and then importing the file.

By default, the Looks menu button is active when you open the interface. This allows you to change the style, font, and point size of the background and button text.

To edit the menu text


Make sure the Looks button is activated (Figure 12.37).

Figure 12.37. Looks button is activated.


Highlight the text by dragging the cursor across it (Figure 12.38).

Figure 12.38. Highlight the text.


Press Delete to remove the text and then enter your own via the keyboard (Figure 12.39).

Figure 12.39. Enter your own text.

To alter the style


Select the text again by dragging the cursor across it.


Do one of the following:

  • From the preset text styles running down the right side of the interface, single-click the style you want (Figure 12.40).

    Figure 12.40. Applying a new style to the text.

  • From the drop-down font menu, select which font style you want (Figure 12.41).

    Figure 12.41. Changing the font via the drop-down menu.


Adjust the point size in both cases by either entering the size you want into the font size box or by clicking the up and down arrows (Figure 12.42).

Figure 12.42. Alter the point size here.


  • To adjust the style further, open the Custom tab and adjust any of its settings (Figure 12.43). These alterations only affect the text you highlight.

    Figure 12.43. You can adjust shadows and face styles in the Custom tab.

  • Hold the cursor over the styles to see all the color variations that are available (Figure 12.44).

    Figure 12.44. Color variations exist for each style.

Saving a style

Once you've created the most awesome font and colored shadow style known to humankind, you'll probably want to save it. You do this by simply adding it to the favorites area.

To save the current look


Highlight the text, then click the Favorites tab.


Click the suitcase icon.

The highlighted text is added to your collection, ready for you to use next time (Figure 12.45).

Figure 12.45. Saving a favorite text style.

Editing a Button

You follow the same process to change the button text that you did to edit the menu text, but sometimes this is a bit painful. The first step is to highlight the text, and because the text is often part of a button, it can be difficult to access.

The only advice I can offer is to double-click inside the text area of the button. Once at least a single letter becomes highlighted and once you have the text cursor inside the text area of the button, you can simply delete the old text and enter your own. The procedure for changing the text properties follows the same rules as those you used to change the menu text I dealt with in the "To edit the menu text" and "To alter the style" tasks earlier in this chapter.

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