Using the Template Editor

If you use the DVD wizard to add a menu to your Timeline, you probably want to alter the text on the background and around the buttons. You may also want to replace the buttons themselves and the background. All of this is possible using the Template Editor.

If you experimented with Title Deko in Chapter 10, you'll recognize that the Template Editor works in a similar fashion but with a slightly different, perhaps cleaner interface. The basics of highlighting text to change its font or point size are the same, and the way you use color and shadow follows a similar principle.


  • Although you accomplish most menu editing in this interface, including changing buttons and backgrounds, animation takes place outside this interface. I deal with this later in this chapter in the "Adding Animation on a DVD Menu" section.

  • To use the Template Editor you must have a DVD menu on the Timeline.

Manually Adding a Menu to the Timeline

Although this chapter covers modifying a preset, you can create your own from scratch by using the Blank DVD menu. To add a blank menu, first switch to the Lib tab in the Project Browser and click once on the DVD Rack. Then drag and drop the menu into the Timeline (Figure 12.35).

Figure 12.35. Creating a DVD menu from scratch.

After you have added a blank menu, you can use the tasks described throughout the rest of this chapter to build your DVD menu.

To open the Template Editor


With the DVD menu on the Timeline, open the DVD Editor by double-clicking on the actual menu or by clicking on the DVD Editor button .


Click the Pencil button or press the Z key on the keyboard (Figure 12.36).

Figure 12.36. The DVD Menu Template Editor.

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