Saving a Reference Set

If you have a certain setting, a simple effect, or a color correction that you know you'll needed in the future, then you can save this as a reference set for later use. You can then load the reference set back in with just a click on a drop-down menu.

To save a reference set


Click once on the Add new reference set button (Figure 11.39).

Figure 11.39. Adding a new reference set.


Enter the name of your reference set and click the check mark (Figure 11.40).

Figure 11.40. Saving the reference set.

Further Reading for Color Correction

As you can see, color correction is complex and not for the fainthearted. Certainly, it's an interesting and sometimes exciting tool, but it's also a dangerous one. You can easily create more of a mess than a masterpiece if you don't know what you are doing or if you don't use it with restraint and care.

To find out more about color correction try the following books, DVDs, and online tutorials.

  • Real World Color Management by Bruce Fraser (Peachpit Press)

  • Color Correction for Digital Video, by Steve Hullfish and Jaime Fowler (CMP Books)

  • Adita Liquid Edition Color Correction training DVD (

  • PBN (Pinnacle Broadcast Network) A range of online tutorials.

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