Chapter 4. Overview of What You Can Do with Linux on the Mainframe

Before you deploy Linux on the mainframe, you want to know what kind of business scenario can be advantageous. This book features two example companies: ISPCompany and StoreCompany. These companies demonstrate some typical Linux on the mainframe uses. One typical use is integrating middle-tier servers with z/OS or VSE/ESA. Another is consolidating stand-alone servers not needing integration with other systems. Scenarios that represent an in-between of these are, of course, also possible.

We have chosen two companies because with Linux on the mainframe we can observe two different styles of IT growth that we call horizontal and vertical. ISPCompany and StoreCompany represent typical businesses that are using Linux on the mainframe differently:

  • ISPCompany is an outsourcing business which is growing horizontally and offers server consolidation on a zSeries 900. Refer to Appendix A, "ISPCompany," for more details on this company.

  • StoreCompany is a retail company which is growing vertically, as the applications they use need more capacity. Refer to Appendix B, "StoreCompany," for more details on this company.

In this chapter we discuss:

  • What growth scenarios can Linux on the mainframe support?

  • What are typical Linux on the mainframe business applications?

Linux on the Mainframe
Linux on the Mainframe
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