This book has been a team effort.

We thank Ulrike Wicke and Tim Kane for their ongoing support. Their belief in the value of this effort made this book possible.

Special thanks go to Dr. Karl-Heinz Strassemeyer, Distinguished Engineer, the mentor of this book, for his vision and encouragement.

Also, we thank Herbert Kircher, Heather Kahan, Thomas Klein, Karl Klink, Thomas Rozmus, Hubertus Barthold, and Alexander Stark for their professional advice and support.

We especially acknowledge the following experts for their contributions:

Christoph Arenz

Introducing Linux and Introducing Linux on the mainframe

Reinhard Buendgen

Achieving higher availability

Paul Gallagher

Achieving higher availability and communications reference

Andreas Herrmann

Debugging and dump analysis

Michael Holzheu

Debugging and dump analysis

Reed Mullen

The value of virtualization

Eberhard Pasch

Performance and capacity planning

Holger Smolinski

Data management

Peter G Spera

Security considerations

Horst Weber

Systems management and running applications

Many thanks also go to the following people for many hours of discussion and review:

Ingo Adlung

Alan Altmark

Erich Amrehn

Utz Bacher

D. J. Barrow

Debbie Beatrice

Oliver Benke

Klaus Bergmann

Boas Betzler

Bill Bitner

John L. Czukkermann

Bernhard Dierberger

Juergen Doelle

Timothy Hahn

Horst Hummel

Eginhard Jaeger

Jan-Rainer Lahmann

Tom Laudati

Scott Loveland

Hans Dieter Mertiens

Carlos Ordonez

Chris Panetta

Franziska Peterthalner

Milagros Portocarrero

Stephen Record

Nancy Scala

Raimund Schröder

Martin Schwidefsky

Horst Sinram

Joe Temple

Hanns-Joachim Uhl

Bob Visanji

Ulrich Weigand

Romney White

Eva L. Yan


Joel Hermann, briefing manager, deserves our gratitude for his professional advice and collegial support.

We would like to thank the ITSO teams for permitting us to use images from Redbook publications, in particular from Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: ISP/ASP Solutions, SG24-6299. Thanks to the many other people who have helped us with this book.

Thanks to the team at Prentice Hall PTR for their support. Special thanks to Jeffrey Pepper, our editor, for his diligent work. We are grateful to all who helped preparing the book for publication, especially Kate Hargett, Patti Guerrieri, and Mary Loudin. Also, we would like to mention Jamie Milazzo from the Pearson Technology Group for providing innovative publishing concepts for this book.

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