Understanding and Using This Book

The idea behind Lotus Notes R6 Fast & Easy is to give you the basics of Notes to get you up and running quickly. Each chapter is set up to cover a single area of Notes and has easy-to-follow steps to get you going in the right direction. We've also included two items that give you extra information that will help you get more out of Notes.

  • Notes provide extra information about a feature or ideas on how to make a feature work better for you.

  • Tips give you hints and suggestions about similar ways to reach the same goal.

This book will give you a fast and easy way to get the most out of Notes 6. Good Luck!

Lotus Notes R6 Fast & Easy
Lotus Notes R6 Fast & Easy (Fast & Easy (Premier Press))
ISBN: 1931841373
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 134

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