Launching Notes Help

Notes has what's known as context-sensitive help, meaning you can get help from any point in the program simply by pressing the F1 key. You can also launch Help from any Notes application.

  1. Click on Help. The Help drop-down menu will appear.

  2. Click on the Help option you want to use. The selected Help window will appear.

    click to expand

    click to expand

  3. Click on the Help window's Close button. The Help window will close.

Understanding Help Choices

As you can see from the Help menu, you have several different choices for the type of help you can receive:

  • Help Topics. Displays a window of Help topics, arranged in the order of tasks you are most likely to need.

  • Context Help. Gives you a page of information related to your current view. For example, if the Welcome page is displayed, the context help will be about that screen.

    click to expand

    click to expand

  • Lotus Internet Resources. Gives you a submenu of four Web pages you can go to for more detailed help.


    The last three options on the Help menu are a little different. The "About This Database" and "Using This Database" options give you specific details about the database you are in when you click Help. "About Notes" gives you the Lotus Notes splash screen with copyright and developer information.

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