Chapter 17. Open Source Implementation Example

Designing security architectures is not an easy job. It takes great care, experience, and knowledge. Unfortunately, this book can't give you care and experience, but it can at least provide the requisite knowledge you need to secure your wireless network. This chapter does not provide a step-by-step guide to installing specific vendors' products. Vendors change their product lines and their user interfaces far too often to make that information relevant for more than a few months. Instead of providing a single secure configuration, we'd rather teach you how to put one together yourself. For those who like to tinker or build everything yourself, we will, however, explain how to use several open and free software projects to build your own secure wireless network. The details on these projects are still very new and will probably change, but we wanted to show a "nuts and bolts" approach to help you learn.

We start with general architecture guidance for some common situations, and then we explain how to use the open and free source projects.

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