This chapter focuses on the tools that are readily available on the Internet for anyone with the skills to compile a program under UNIX. The very existence of these tools dramatically increases the number of people who can crack your network if you are not using proper security. Our hopes in providing you with this information are twofold. First, it is essential to understand what attackers can accomplish against your defenses; this is the only way that you can have any hope of designing an effective defense. Second, you can use some of this material to test the security of your own network (with the proper approvals first) to ensure that your organization is using effective security as well.

The good news is that WPA and RSN provide the tools you need to respond to these threats. It is likely that attempts will be made to crack WPA in the future. If a crack is found, more tools will be produced. However, WPA and RSN are in a different class than WEP when it comes to the approach taken in their design, and confidence in their ability to hold up to attack is much higher.

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