Section 7.5. Enabling SMB Printer Sharing in OS X

7.5. Enabling SMB Printer Sharing in OS X

Because Samba comes preinstalled with Mac OS X, sharing access to a printer among Windows clients is easy. First, of course, you should set up local access using the Print Center application (located in Finder's Applications Utilities folder). Under the Printers menu, select Add Printer . . ., and make the appropriate selection from the pop-up menu. For example, if the printer is directly attached, select USB; if the printer is powered on, it should appear in the list. Choose the printer, and press the Add button.

Edit /etc/smb.conf, uncommenting the [printers] share and making any additional configuration changes you feel are necessary. Finally, enable the Samba startup item as described in Chapter 2, either by checking Windows File Sharing in Sharing Preferences or by manually editing /etc/hostconfig. Now your printer can be used by remote Windows clients.

On Mac OS X and some other BSD-based systems, you can test your configuration using smbutil. The following command sends the file named print_test_file to the printer named printshare on the server violet:

 $ smbutil print //violet/printshare print_test_file 

More information on smbutil is in Chapter 11.

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