7.7 Installing the server executables using Script mode

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7.7 Installing the server executables using Script mode

Previously, we discussed the interactive mode of installation, and now we cover the script mode. This provides silent install functionality and allows you to install saved installation settings to a local server or remote servers.

Script.dat, the default sample script file, contains information you need to install the Domino server program files, including descriptions of each parameter and instructions for using the -script option to install partitioned servers. The script.dat file is located at /opt/lotus/zlinux directory.

Before changing the file, make a copy of the script file, for example, into myscript.dat. Then alter and add the information in myscript.dat to meet the requirements of your environment.

The script file is well documented, so spend some time getting familiar with its content. If you have done a interactive install before, it will be easier to understand all the options.

A number (#) sign indicates that it is a comment. Remove the # character if you want to use the setting. You find an example of the script.dat file in Appendix D, "Install script.dat" on page 357. For a typical installation, use the values provided in Table 7-4.

Table 7-4: Recommended settings for the installation script:

Setting type

Recommended setting

Domino server installation type

Domino Enterprise Server : 2

Install template files

template_install_option = 1

Install server code

add_data_directories_only = 0

Install ASP server

asp_install_option = 0

Program directory


Create /opt/lotus soft link

opt_lotus_softlink = 0

Data directory

/ domserv#/notesdata

UNIX User name


UNIX Group name


The list below helps you run steps for a script-based install:

  1. Log in to the root account from your local system.

  2. Copy the file /opt/lotus/zlinux/script.dat to /opt/lotus/zlinux/myscript.dat

  3. Edit the file /opt/lotus/zlinux/myscript.dat to meet your requirements.

  4. To install using the local script file, enter this command at the UNIX console prompt:

     /opt/lotus/zlinux/install  -script /opt/lotus/zlinux/myscript.dat 

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