Chapter 2 -- Creating a Diagram

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Chapter 2

The easiest way to create drawings is to drag master shapes from stencils and drop them on the drawing page. This is called drag-and-drop drawing. If you start your drawing based on a template, the shapes you need are right at hand, docked on the left side of the Visio window. To assemble your diagram, you add shapes, connect them if necessary, and adjust the layout. To add a professional touch, you can apply quick formatting touches, such as a background or color scheme.

Not all drawings and diagrams go together in this way, but most of the business diagrams do. If you have Visio Professional and are creating a floor plan, process engineering diagram, database model, UML diagram, or Web site map, you should refer to the chapters about those diagram types for direction. This chapter describes the fundamental techniques for working with Visio shapes and pages that apply to most diagram types.

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