How to Use This Book

If you've read any other Visual QuickStart or Visual QuickPro guides from Peachpit Press, you know that this book has two main components: numbered tasks, or exercises, that take you step-by-step through the things you want to learn, and illustrations that show you exactly what we're doing. You'll also find some explanations prior to the tasks, but for the most part the book focuses on the tasks at hand without presenting a lot of extraneous information.

In the step-by-step instructions, you'll notice that a special type style is used to denote code, like this:

 CREATE TABLE users (Name VARCHAR (30),   userName VARCHAR (50), Password   CHAR (8),Access VARCHAR (13),   PRIMARY KEY (userName)); 

Because book pages are narrower than computer screens, some of the code lines won't fit on one line of the book page. So in this book, when one line of code needs to break onto the next line, the code on the next line is indented and has a gray arrow () to indicate the continuation.

If you'd like to follow along rather than create the pages yourself for the exercises in the book, you can download the sample files from this book's Web site, at


  • In every chapter, you'll find tips like this that point out extra information, shortcuts, and alternate methods of completing a task.


  • If you experience problems or unusual behavior using Dreamweaver 8 on Macintosh, see the Macromedia tech note "Troubleshooting Dreamweaver on Macintosh OS X," at, for help with troubleshooting techniques.

  • Some Mac mice have more than one button; some don't. For that matter, some folks don't really use mice at all. That said, we do refer to right-clicking a lot. On a Windows machine, when you click the right rather than left mouse button, a contextual menu appears. Contextual menus are also available on all Mac OS X systems, by Control-clicking the object.

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