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mondays stink!: 23 secrets to rediscover delight and fulfillment in your work
Mondays Stink!: 23 Secrets To Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment in Your Work
by Carl Dierschow ISBN:1591099080
Carl Dierschow 2003 (136 pages)

This book describes 23 concrete steps you can take to perk up your career and recapture a sense of satisfaction and contentment in your work.

Table of Contents
Mondays Stink!—23 Secrets to Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment in Your Work
My Story
Structure of This Book
Theme A - Create Your Support Group
Section 1- Like and Respect Your Colleagues
Section 2- Trust Others and Give People the Benefit of the Doubt
Section 3- Communicate Openly With Anyone and Everyone
Section 4- Seek Out People Who Appreciate What You Do
Section 5- Try to Help Others Be More Effective and Look Good
Section 6- Appreciate Everyone’s Unique Contributions and Abilities
Section 7- Set Appropriate Expectations
Section 8- Actually Commit
Section 9- Take Care of the Little Things Immediately
Section 10- Build Bridges Rather Than Burning Them
Theme B - Take Care of Your Needs
Section 11- Invest in Understanding Yourself
Section 12- Look for Jobs That Align With the Organization’s and Your Personal Goals
Section 13- Stay With Organizations Which Have a Philosophy Compatible With Your Own
Section 14- Understand Others’ Points of View
Section 15- Look at Every Activity as an Opportunity
Section 16- Limit the Encroachment of Work on Your Personal Life
Section 17- Keep Your Lifestyle Within What You Are Currently Paid
Theme C - Deliver Value to the Organization
Section 18- Focus Intensely on Delivering Value to the Organization
Section 19- Expand Your Impact Whenever You Can
Section 20- Do the Best You Can on Your Job
Section 21- Take Responsibility for What You Should Own
Section 22- Vocally Support the Organization’s Goals
Section 23- Choose Your Battles Carefully
What Next?
How Healthy is Your Job Satisfaction?
Improving Your Job Satisfaction
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Mondays Stink. 23 Secrets To Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment in Your Work
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