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LDAP directories 
libexec directory  2nd 
Limit directive 
LimitExcept directive 
    distributing evenly 
    sharing between servers 
LoadModule directive 
localhost address 
lock databases on NFS filesystem 
logfiles  [See also logging]
    error logs 
    maintaining separate logs for each virtual host 
        first of month 
        rotatelogs program 
    splitting up 
LogFormat directive 
    logging server IP addresses 
    splitting up a logfile 
logging  2nd  [See also logfiles]
    activity  [See activity logging]
    arbitrary request header fields 
    arbitrary response header fields 
    browser software 
    combined log format 
    common log format 
    errors for virtual hosts to multiple files 
    hostnames instead of IP addresses 
    HTTP status codes 
    image requests 
    MAC (hardware) address 
    more detailed errors 
    more details in entries 
    MySQL database activity 
    POST contents 
    proxied IP address 
    proxy requests 
    referring page 
    requests by day or hour 
    server IP address 
    types of data 
    user directories 
    vistual hosts 
LogLevel directive 
LogLevel, default value 
logresolve application 
logs directory  2nd 
loopback address 

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