Section 9.2. Search Performance

9.2. Search Performance

You can display an AdSense Search report in almost exactly the same way as an AdSense Content report. To generate a Search report, on the Reports tab, click the Search Performance link. You can then display a report, as shown in Figure 9-9.

Figure 9-8. Downloading AdSense report data into Excel allows you to use the full power of Excel to manipulate and display the information

Figure 9-9. You can display reports for AdSense Search pretty much in the same way as for AdSense content

The only difference between an AdSense Search report and an AdSense Content report is that AdSense Search can't display information by unit impressions, only by page impressions (because ads are displayed on Google's search results pages, not your pages).

Your total earnings, of course, are the sum of AdSense Content and AdSsense Search earnings.

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