Section 8.2. Setting Account Options

8.2. Setting Account Options

You will be notified by email that your AdSense application has been accepted. Once you've been accepted into the AdSense program, you can modify your initial account options using the Account Settings page. To open that page, just click the My Account tab once you have logged into AdSense.

8.2.1. Ad Type Preference

Besides the account options you set in your application, the Account Settings page is used to set global preferences for whether you want to display text ads only or both text and images. This Ad Type Preference option sets your global default; you can override your choice when you specify options for a block of Google ad code that will be placed on a particular page.

Text ads are the delivery format of most of Google's contextual advertising. Some content owners may want to avoid image ads because they can clutter sites and may work to the detriment of content. However, Google's (relatively new) CPM advertising program uses image ads; so if you'd like the possibility of displaying Google CPM ads (which pay when they are displayed and not when they are clicked), you'll need to allow image ads on your site. See Chapter 5 for more information about the distinction between CPC and CPM advertising.

8.2.2. Filing Tax Information

Filing appropriate tax information forms with Google is really part of the account application process, and your account won't be activated until you file these forms.

If you are operating as a sole proprietorship under your own social security number, you will need to file an IRS form W-9 with Google.

For instructions and forms, with the Account Settings page open, click the Tax Information link. Once your form has been filed with Google, when you click the Tax Information link you'll see a message saying that "our records indicate that you have already submitted the appropriate information."

8.2.3. Reviewing Payment History

The Payment History link on the Account Settings page opens a display of your earnings and payment history. Although it's reasonable to want to know how much money one is owed, the information in this display is quite sketchy and not very useful for tracking your account activity. See Chapter 9 for information about how to monitor the activity in your AdSense account.

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