Chapter 8. Working with AdSense

As Karl Marx said, "Being determines consciousness," meaning, in part, that the way you make your living influences how you think about things. Google makes its living from advertising, and the Google AdSense program in particular earns its keep by placing ads in web content. It's therefore not surprising to see AdSense promoting itself as the way to reap "the reward of great content"; of course, you should remember what else determines great content from Chapter 1.

It's worth having a quick look at the web content scenarios that Google presents as AdSense successes. You can view these case studies at

This chapter explains the details of how to work with the Google AdSense program. Once you know how to work with AdSense, you can start making money from your web sites by placing Google's ad code in your web pages.

Premium Service for AdSense

High-volume sites deserve more service. According to Google, if your site receives more than 5 million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month, you are eligible for AdSense premium service. To apply, fill out and submit the form you will find at

The benefits of the AdSense premium service include:

  • Access to technical and sales support

  • A greater variety of customizable ad formats than standard AdSense offers

  • Assistance with ad optimization

  • Sophisticated filtering options

  • More ways to make money from ads than standard AdSense offers

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