Your Wi-Fi Photos on the Internet

You've taken your photos with your laptop using Intel Centrino mobile technology. You are connected to the Internet either at a hotspot (see Part III, "Mobile Computing on the Road") or through your own wireless network (as I explain in Part IV, "Your Own Wireless Network").

You'll find that many sites on the Internet allow you to do fun and useful things with your digital photos. These include

  • Blogger,, which lets you create a photo diaryor PhotoBlogso you can share your pictures with the world

  • Cardstore,, which lets you create and have printed greetings cards based on your photos (A fee is required.)

  • Fotolog,, which lets you create photo blogs (This is probably the leading photographic blogging community.)

  • ImageStation,, a service provided by Sony that lets you store, share, and print photos (Some services are free; some require payment.)

  • Ofoto,, a service provided by Kodak that lets you store, share, and print photos (Some services are free; some require payment.)

Sending Photos with Email

If you want to email a photo to your friends or family, the easiest way to send the photo is as an email attachment. For example, if you use Outlook Express for your email program


Open Outlook Express.


Create a new email message.


With the message still open in Outlook Express, click the Attach button shown in Figure 5.16.

Figure 5.16. Click Attach to add photos to an email.


Use the Insert Attachment window to browse for the photo or photos you want to send, as shown in Figure 5.17.

Figure 5.17. Using the Insert Attachment window, you can browse to select the photos you want to attach to an email.


After you have attached your photos, click the Send button to send your email. The photos you selected will be sent along with your message, as shown in Figure 5.18.

Figure 5.18. The photos attached to an email appear as part of the email massage when received in Outlook Express.

Adding Your Pictures to Your Website

It's usually pretty easy to add the pictures you take with your mobile computer to your website, but the details of how to do so depend on how and where your website is hosted. Many website hosting companies provide special programs that make it easy to upload pictures (and other files) to your site. In any case, your web host has probably provided you with login information such as a name and a password.

You can use your login information together with an FTP program to upload files directly to your web server.

You should bear in mind that to make your pictures available on the Web, you might want to place them within HTML pages and provide links to the pages. For the technically gifted among us, this is not a very difficult thing to do. However, the rest of us might want to enlist the aid of a visual web design program such as Microsoft's FrontPage or Macromedia's Dreamweaver.

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