Locating the Camera

If your mobile computer has a digital camera, the lens will most likely be located in the top center of the cover. This has the potential advantage of enabling the camera lens to "swivel" so that you can take pictures facing both "out" from the laptop and "in" toward the laptop's user.

For example, Figure 5.1 shows the Sony Visual Communication Camera VCC-U01, embedded in a Sony Vaio TR3A notebook with Intel Centrino mobile technology, facing outward.

Figure 5.1. The camera integrated with this Sony notebook can face inward or outward. (Outward is shown.)

When the camera component is swiveled inward, as shown in Figure 5.2, the camera lens faces the mobile computer's user.

Figure 5.2. When the camera assembly is swiveled inward, the lens faces the mobile user.

Unlike some integrated digital cameras, the Sony VCC-U01 does not automatically focus. Focusing, or setting the distance the camera is from the desired subject, is accomplished using the dial you can see at the top of Figure 5.1 and 5.2.

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Anywhere Computing with Laptops. Making Mobile Easier
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