Chapter 3. Configuring Your Mobile Computer


  • Working with the Control Panel

  • New Connection Wizard

  • Network Setup Wizard

  • Network Connections window

  • Network Wireless Connections Properties

  • Wireless Network Security Settings

  • Enabling a personal firewall

  • Choosing and enabling an SSID

  • Bridging wireless connections

This chapter explains how to use Windows XP to set your notebook computer based on the Intel Centrino mobile technology to work with wireless networks. Your mobile computer might possibly work with a wireless network without you having to do anything. However, it is also possible that you will need to tweak some simple settings, such as telling your mobile computer which wireless signal to connect to (if your computer detects more than one).

Some other things might need to be set. For example, if your wireless network is running with encryption turned on (as I advise in Part IV, "Your Own Wireless Network"), and you don't have a server to supply the encryption key automatically (as most small office or home networks don't), you'll need to know how to enter an encryption key for the wireless network. Also, you might need to know how to choose between different wireless signals to pick the right one.

This chapter explains everything you need to know to use Wi-Fi to connect your laptop based on Intel Centrino mobile technology to a home or small office network.

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