Team Foundation Build Reporting

Collecting and analyzing reports is an important part of the build process. Examining reports can provide you with a lot of information, such as success/failure metrics, historical trends, the health of your build, and much more. In the build reports, you can find errors and warnings, a changeset list, work items, code coverage results, and test results. The build reports contain links to other resources, such as logs.

Two reports types are available in Team Foundation Build. The first is the Builds report available on SQL Server Reporting Services (see Figure 23-6). When you click each build report, you can obtain more detailed information about each build (see Figure 23-7). The detailed report contains the following information and can be accessed by clicking a build name link in the summary report view:

  • Summary

  • Build steps

  • Result details for Any CPU/Release.

  • Associated changesets

  • Associated work items

The second report type is the build data accessible through the Team Project. Simply double-click a build type to view the reports shown in Figures 23-8 and 23-9.


Error messages are intelligently handled in Team Foundation Build. You will not only get a notification and explanation, but also a solution to help you troubleshoot the problem.

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Figure 23-6

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Figure 23-7

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Figure 23-8

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Figure 23-9

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