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Several excellent books describe the best practices used during the planning, design, and implementation phase of Exchange deployment projects.

However, these books do not focus on the best practices for managing the environment after Exchange has been deployed. They devote too few pages to planning for the critical need for system management, administration, and monitoring. Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 can be viewed as the continuation and completion of these existing Exchange deployment books.

Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 focuses on what to do after Exchange has been deployed-how to design and implement the support infrastructure, how to monitor and manage messaging traffic, and how to avoid disaster through proactive planning and management. This book is designed for Exchange system managers, administrators, and other Information Technology (IT) professionals, consultants, and technology integrators who need to define the critical implementation strategies necessary to effectively and efficiently help support their Exchange environment.

In this book, IT professionals will find information to effectively monitor,-manage, and troubleshoot an Exchange environment. It covers such topics as server resources, messaging connections, interoperability with foreign mail systems, and Windows 2003 integration. System managers will learn to effectively use monitoring to detect problems in the early stages, to track historical trends, to document service level compliance, and to observe system availability and behavior. They will learn how other large enterprises perform proper monitoring, management, and administration to intelligently manage Exchange.

Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 provides unique real-world insight into monitoring and managing enterprise deployments of Exchange. It focuses on what needs to be done in specific support scenarios and provides a hands-on reference to monitor, manage, administrate, and troubleshoot Exchange. The text balances concepts, systematic procedures, tables, checklists, and examples to help set up procedures for administration, maintenance, disaster recovery, and other crucial system areas.

This book provides advice derived from the broad field experience Hewlett-Packard consultants have gained from leading enterprise-wide Exchange installations supporting more than 5 million users. It organizes the extensive expertise of Hewlett-Packard's consultants, offers the wisdom of their real-world experiences, and reviews the management procedures that have been successfully implemented in large deployments. Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is like having Hewlett-Packard consultants available to help make the critical decisions required to successfully manage Exchange.

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