Chapter 3. Strings and Things


    Section 3.1.  Taking Strings Apart with Substrings

    Section 3.2.  Taking Strings Apart with StringTokenizer

    Section 3.3.  Putting Strings Together with +, StringBuilder (JDK 1.5), and StringBuffer

    Section 3.4.  Processing a String One Character at a Time

    Section 3.5.  Aligning Strings

    Section 3.6.  Converting Between Unicode Characters and Strings

    Section 3.7.  Reversing a String by Word or by Character

    Section 3.8.  Expanding and Compressing Tabs

    Section 3.9.  Controlling Case

    Section 3.10.  Indenting Text Documents

    Section 3.11.  Entering Nonprintable Characters

    Section 3.12.  Trimming Blanks from the End of a String

    Section 3.13.  Parsing Comma-Separated Data

    Section 3.14.  Program: A Simple Text Formatter

    Section 3.15.  Program: Soundex Name Comparisons

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