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UDP client 
UIManager class 
UML, books on 
UNC filenames 
unchecked exceptions 
unchecked raw types, warnings about 
    characters, converting to/from strings 
    converting to/from character set 
    International Components for Unicode for Java 
    online resources for 
    regular expression matching, Apache package 
    Unicode-aware case folding in regular expression pattern matching 
Unicode blocks 
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) 
Uniform Resource Locator  [See URLs]
unit testing 
    EqualsDemo class (example) 
    JUnit tool 
Universal Resource Name (URN) 
Universal Serial Bus (USB) 
    standard for Java (in progress) 
    cal command 
    canonical filenames 
    compiling C code into loadable object 
    converting between Unicode characters and strings 
    DBM databases  2nd 
    dot command formatters (roff, nroff, troff, and groff) 
    environment variables 
    file command 
    filename separator 
    find command 
    grep program, command-line options 
    Jikes compiler 
    kill signal, terminating VM 
    Korn shell script for managing CLASSPATH 
    line-oriented tools (sed and grep) 
    locale, setting 
    ls command 
    mbox protocol 
    Netscape, running with Java (ExecDemoNS example) 
    network applications, synchronous sockets 
    OpenBSD clone 
    regular expressions, information on 
    remote procedure calls, use of 
    root directory 
    standard streams, redirecting or piping 
    system property, predefining value 
    tee command  2nd 
    time (epoch seconds) 
    who program 
UNIX_LINES flag (Pattern.compile( )) 
unlock( ) (Lock) 
unsigned int (C language), reading and converting to Java type 
UnZip class (example) 
updateComponentTree( ) (SwingUtilities class) 
updateRow( ) 
updating databases
    result sets, using 
    SQL, using  2nd 
uppercase  [See case]
URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) 
URL class, methods for reading contents 
    applet host, retrieving for 
    for CGI scripts 
    code, running from 
    content, reading 
    converting filenames to 
    dbURL (for database connections) 
    extracting from a file 
    extracting HTML tags from 
    mailto:, using for email 
    for sound files 
    URIs and URNs vs. 
URN (Universal Resource Name) 
USB (Universal Serial Bus) 
    standard for Java (in progress) 
UseLocales class (example) 
user, providing for mail settings 
user.language (system property) 
UserQuery class (example) 
UtilGUI class (example) 
utilities (collections, date), java.util package 


Java Cookbook
Java Cookbook, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596007019
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 409
Authors: Ian F Darwin

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