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R statistics package 
Random class 
random numbers 
    pseudo- vs. real randomness 
    SecureRandom class 
random( ) (Math) 
RandomAccessFile class 
ranges of numbers, continuous and discontinuous 
raw type (unchecked), warnings about 
read( ) (Reader)  2nd 
read( ) system call 
read-only files and directories 
Readable interface 
readerAsString( ) (FileIO) 
ReaderIter class 
    bridging to streams 
    BufferedReader class  2nd  3rd 
        database access 
        socket input stream, creating from 
    FileReader class 
    InputStreamReader class  2nd  3rd 
    Reader class 
    XMLReaderFactory class 
readerToString( ) (FileIO), example class method 
ReadGZIP class (example) 
    binary data 
        with network client 
    continued lines 
    different character set 
        JavaMail Store, using 
        MailReaderBean program (example) 
    file content into a string package 
    from particular location in file 
    serialized object data with network client 
    standard input 
    text files 
    textual data with network client 
readInt( ) (DataInputStream) 
readLine( ) 
    BufferedReader class  2nd 
    combining with StringTokenizer 
    end-of-line characters, avoiding 
    platform-independent code 
readLock( ) (ReadWriteLock) 
ReadRandom class (example) 
ReadTag class (example) 
ReadWriteLock interface 
real numbers 
rebind( ) (Naming) 
Rect(angle), Arc, Ellipse, and Polygon, drawing methods for 
    listing filesystem entries in directories 
redirection and/or piping 
    code examples from this book 
        in arrays 
        class, finding for given method 
        comparing for equality 
        mapping with HashMap or Hashtable 
    to proxy objects, getting 
    to StringBuilder, returning 
reflection  2nd  [See also introspection]
    class fields and methods
        finding and using 
        getting information about 
        printing information about 
    cross-reference for Java API, printing 
    loading Applet subclass 
        AppletAdaper class (example) 
        AppletViewer class (main program) 
    reading of annotations at runtime 
regexes  [See regular expressions]
    JDBC drivers 
    RMI server instance with lookup service 
registry, RMI 
    client stubs, sending with 
regular expressions (and pattern matching) 
    accented or composite characters, matching 
    case, controlling in 
    data mining program 
    extracting words or operators from input stream 
    finding text that matched 
    grep program, pattern matching with 
    Java code, using in 
        steps for regex matching in production program 
    Java packages for 
    lexical structure of input, specifying 
    multiline, sam text editor 
    newlines, matching in text 
    numbers, working with 
    parsing Apache log file 
    parsing CSV data with 
        CSVRE (example) 
    printing all occurrences of a pattern 
    printing lines containing a pattern 
    REDemo program (example) 
    replacing matched text 
    replacing StringTokenizer with 
    syntax of 
    writing full grep program 
relational databases 
    DBM files vs. 
    SQL (Structured Query Language) 
    text file (User database), converting to 
reloading applets in browsers 
RemCat class (TFTP UDP client example) 
ReminderService class (example) 
remote interfaces  2nd 
Remote Method Invocation  [See RMI]
remote objects 
remote procedure call (RPC) 
    CORBA, interoperability among languages 
remotely controlled building management system (example) 
remove( ) (Iterator) 
removeLayoutComponent( ) (LayoutManager) 
renameTo( ) (File) 
rendezvous socket (C-based server) 
rendezvous, threads 
    Join class (example) 
repeatability, hashCode( ) 
replace( ) (StringBuilder) 
replaceAll( ) 
replacing matching text (regular expressions) 
resource bundles
    configuring user interface controls from 
    creating for internationalization 
    dialog, internationalizing with 
    getting file for named 
    GUI controls or user interface text 
    menu items, getting 
    MessageFormatDemo class (example) 
ResourceBundle class, getBundle( ) 
resources, storing for applets in JAR file 
result sets, JDBC queries  2nd 
    changing data with 
    retrieving elements from 
ResultsDecorator and ResultsDecoratorText class (example) 
ResultSet interface
    getResultSetMetaData( ) 
    RowSet subinterface 
ResultSetMetadata class 
ResultSetUpdate program (example) 
resume( )/suspend( ) (Thread), deprecated methods 
reusability of code  [See code reusability]
reverse order, numbers reading the same in 
reverse( ) (StringBuilder)  2nd 
RGB (red, green, and blue) mode, for colors 
right-aligned strings 
RMI (Remote Method Invocation) 
        stock ticker service 
    client, writing 
    client/server communication, defining 
        lookup names 
        remote interfaces 
    deploying across network 
    IIOP, using over 
        web site information on 
    NetWatch program (example) 
        NetPanel class 
        RMIPanel class 
    registry program 
    steps in 
RMI Security Manager 
rmic (RMI compiler) 
roll( ) 
Roman numerals 
    RomanNumberFormat class (example) 
    RomanYear program (example) 
root directories 
    Windows systems, UNC filenames 
round( ) (Math) 
rounding numbers
    errors in  2nd 
    floating-point to integer or a particular precision 
RowSet interface 
RPC (remote procedure call)  2nd 
run( )
    background thread, using to save userÕs work 
    Item class 
    reader-writer thread locks and 
    Runnable interface 
    Thread class  2nd  3rd 
runFinalizersOnExit( ) (System) 
Runnable interface  2nd 
    implementing (ThreadsDemo2) 
    implementing with inner class
        Join class (example) 
        ThreadsDemo3 (example) 
running Java programs
    debugging statements, enabling at runtime 
    Japhar freeware package 
    JDK, java command 
Runtime class 
    as example of Singleton 
    exec( ), replacement by ProcessBuilder 
    running external programs with exec( ) methods 
runtime environment  2nd  [See also environment, program interaction with]
    CLASSPATH, use of 
    command-line arguments, parsing 
RuntimeException class, subclassing 


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