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sam text editor, multiline regular expressions 
Samba program (Windows network filesystem for Unix) 
sandboxes, application (Java Web Start) 
saturation (colors) 
saveFile( ) 
saving userÕs work in editor with background threads 
SAX (Simple API for XML) 
    parsing XML 
ScaledNumberFormat class (online example) 
scanf function (C language), Java equivalent 
scanf/printf functions (C-style) 
Scanner class  2nd 
    methods, listing of 
    reading value of known type from standard input 
    simple calculator that uses (example) 
    files with StreamTokenizer 
        calculator (example) 
    input with Scanner class 
    tools for 
schemas, XML 
    developments in 
scientific numeric computing, Java web site for 
screen, getting size of 
scripting languages
    interfacing Java components to 
    Java vs. 
        discussion of regexes 
        using with Java 
    regular expressions in 
    situations for using 
scripts (executable), invoking 
search( ) (Stack) 
seconds since 1970 (epoch), converting to date 
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
SecureRandom class 
    BigInteger class, use in applications 
    denial of service attacks, network logging server 
    digital signatures  [See certificates digital signatures JAR files]
    sandboxes for applications, Java Web Start 
    server-side network mechanisms 
    thread security 
security managers
    file modification and 
SecurityManager class  2nd 
SELECT statement, SQL 
select( ) (system call) 
self-signed certificates 
    steps for signing JAR file with 
    warnings about 
send( ) (Transport) 
Sender class (example) 
serial ports 
    preparing and opening for I/O 
Serializable interface  2nd 
SerializableUser class (example) 
serialized objects
    reading and writing data with network client 
    saving and restoring 
SerialLogger class (example) 
SerialPort class 
    getInputStream( ) 
    getOutputStream( ) 
SerialReadByEvents class (example) 
serialVersionUID, preventing ClassCastExceptions 
server host, providing for email 
servers  2nd  [See also web servers]
    Apache Tomcat 
    daytime (date and time) 
    email, enabling for 
    network, multithreaded 
        loading client stubs 
        TickerServerImpl class (example) 
        TickerService interface (example) 
        chat server (Java) 
        contacting on applet host 
        finding network interfaces 
        handling multiple clients 
        HTTP protocol 
        multithreaded (Handler example) 
        multithreaded, using Concurrency utilities 
        network logging 
        network logging with JDK 1.4 
        network logging with log4j 
        object information, returning 
        securing with JSSE 
        security issues 
        writing string or binary data to client 
    TCP/IP, contacting 
    Unix (free, open source), setting up 
ServerSocket class 
    thread access, controlling 
services, looking up 
    BuzzInServlet class (example) 
    distributed computing, use in 
    loading of 
    packaging into WAR file 
session beans 
set and get methods, JavaBeans 
Set interface 
    classes that implement 
set( ) (Calendar) 
setColor( ) (Graphics) 
    substituting setPaint( ) for 
setCommand( ) (RowSet) 
setContentPane( ) 
setDefault( ) (Locale) 
setDefaultCloseOperation( ) (JFrame) 
setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler( ) (Thread) 
setFont( ) (Graphics) 
setLastModified( ) 
setLayout( ) 
SetLocale class (example) 
setLogStream( ) (DriverManager) 
setLookAndFeel( ) (UIManager) 
setMinimumIntegerDigits( ) (NumberFormat) 
setPaint( ) (Graphics2D) 
setPriority( ) (Thread) 
setReadOnly( ) 
setSize( ) 
setStub( ) 
settabpos( ) (Tabs example class) 
setVisible( ) (Window)  2nd 
Shape class, computeArea( ) 
shapes, drawing methods for 
sharps in key signatures (Western music), listing in order 
shell scripts
    Korn shell script, controlling CLASSPATH with 
    timing tests (, online source 
short data type
    host to network short byte order macro 
    storing int as 
shorthands, regular expression 
showDialog( ) (JOptionPane) 
ShowDocApplet class (example) 
showDocument( )  2nd 
    AppletContext class 
showInputDialog( ) (JOptionPane) 
showMessageDialog( ) (JOptionPane) 
showStatus( )  2nd 
shutdown hooks, running as part of termination 
    application JAR files 
    JAR files 
simple parallel port mode 
SimpleDateFormat class  2nd 
    format codes 
SimpleText driver 
Singleton pattern
    Data Access Object, using with 
Sitraka, DeployDirector (software installer) 
    GUI components  2nd 
    images, getting for  2nd 
    of the screen 
size( ) (Collection) 
slashSlashComment( ) (StringTokenizer) 
sleep( ) (Thread) 
SleepyCat Software, Berkeley DBM  2nd 
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
    connecting to server from Telnet client 
    implementing your own 
    sending email over 
SmtpTalk class (example) 
Socket class 
    getInetAddress( ) 
    input/output streams, getting 
socket( ) system call 
SocketApplet class (example) 
SocketException class 
        C language, programming 
        contacting server using TCP/IP 
        reading and writing on same 
    HTTP, contacting programs in any language 
    Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) 
    network, package 
        chat server (Java) 
        code to implement new connections 
        finding network interfaces 
        handling multiple clients 
        HTTP protocol 
        network logging 
        network logging with JDK 1.4 
        network logging with log4j 
        object information, returning 
        securing with JSSE 
        security issues 
        writing socket-based server 
        writing string or binary to client 
    servers based on
        contacting on applet host 
        Handler class (example) 
        Httpd class (example) 
        multithreaded, using Concurrency utilities 
    thread, deadlocking 
software, installing 
Solaris, native code compilers (SunPro C and gcc) 
sort( )
    Arrays class  2nd 
    Collections class 
    ordering data to avoid 
        TreeSet class, program using 
    playable sound file (AudioClip) 
    playing a file 
    video file, playing within Java program 
Soundex class (name comparison program) 
source code
    examples in this book
        Debug program 
        downloading and compiling 
    examples, finding more 
    Java code examples, downloading 
source files
    inserting doc comments 
    naming conventions 
source option (used with JDK 1.4 and 1.5) 
SourceForge web site, free public hosting of open source projects 
    after properties file key names/values 
    converting between space and tab characters 
    leading and/or trailing spaces, trimming from strings 
    leading, continuing lines with 
    prepending to align decimal points 
    books about 
    mailto: URLs, danger of using 
    testing for 
special effects
    combining graphics drawings to create 
    drop shadow text, drawing 
spreadsheets, exporting CSV data 
Sprite class (animator example) 
SQL (Structured Query Language) 
    changing data with 
    data types, mappings between JDBC and SQL 
    prepared statements, creating 
    statements as stored database procedures 
SQLRunner program (example) 
square roots, timer for processing or src.jar file 
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
SSLServerSocketFactory class 
Stack class  2nd 
    indexOf( ) 
    search( ) 
stack traces, printing with line numbers 
stack-based calculator 
    using BigDecimal 
    MyStack class (example) 
    MyStackDemo program (example) 
standard error 
    logging to, JDBC connection 
standard extensions 
    Java Communications API 
    package names beginning with javax 
standard input
        lines of text 
standard output
    external programs, capturing 
    writing to 
standard streams (, System.out, or System.err), reassigning 
Standard Windowing Toolkit (SWT) 
start( ) 
    Applet class 
    ProcessBuilder class 
    Thread class  2nd 
startClass( ) 
startElement( ) 
starting index 
    text, regular expression pattern match 
startsWith( ) (String) 
    cloned objects 
    File objects, immutability of 
    initializing for applets 
    assigning value to local variables 
    creating with Connection object 
    executing JDBC query with 
    parameterized, JDBC (UserDBJDBC class example) 
        stored procedures 
static initializer, JDBC drivers 
static methods, Singleton pattern and 
status( ) (MediaTracker) 
statusAll( ) (MediaTracker)  2nd 
statusID( ) (MediaTracker) 
stock ticker service (RMI callback) 
    Client interface 
    ClientProgram class (example) 
    TickerServer interface (example) 
    TickerServerImpl class (example) 
stop( )
    Applet class 
    Thread class, deprecated method  2nd 
StopBoolean class (example) 
StopClose class (example) 
stopping threads 
storage attributes, class fields and methods 
Store class, reading email with 
store-and-forward message processing (JMS) 
stored procedures, using with JDBC 
stores, classes for 
    binary data, writing from C 
    bridging to readers 
    BufferedOutputStream class 
    buffering, DataInput and DataOutput 
    connections based on 
    crossover class to reader (InputStreamReader) 
    data input/output  2nd 
    data streams for processing binary data 
    duplicating while writing 
    FileInputStream and FileOutputStream 
    GZipInputStream and GZipOutputStream 
    object, serialization of 
    ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream  2nd 
    PipedInputStream and PipedOutputStream 
    Socket methods for getting input/output streams 
    standard, reassigning 
StreamTokenizer class  2nd 
    scanning files with 
        calculator (example) 
strictfp keyword 
StrictMath class 
String class 
    case, methods for handling 
    charAt( ) 
    compareTo( ) 
    length( ) 
    matches( ) 
    methods, lising of 
    pattern matching methods  2nd 
    static methods, default number formatting 
    substring( ), in regular expression pattern matches 
    trim( ) 
string concatenation  [See concatenating strings]
StringAlign class (example) 
StringBuffer class 
    modifying strings with 
    reassembling strings from pieces 
    synchronized methods 
StringBuilder class 
    appending characters into 
    reverse( ) program (example) 
StringFormat class, formatting email messages 
StringReverse program (example) 
    arrays of (StringTokenizer example) 
    binary, converting to integers 
    blanks, trimming from end 
    breaking into substrings 
    breaking into words or tokens 
    case, controlling 
    checking if valid number 
        converting to double 
    comma-separated data, parsing 
    concatenating  [See concatenating strings]
    converting between Unicode characters and 
    converting numbers to 
    escapes for 
    externalization of 
    format codes in 
    immutability of 
    multiline, avoiding 
    parsing into dates 
    println( ) method, concatenating for 
    processing one character at a time 
    putting pieces back together 
    reading file content into 
    reversing, one character or word at a time 
    RMI proxy objects and 
    sorting in arrays and collections 
    Soundex class (name comparison) 
    storing in properties preferences 
    String class, arrays vs. 
    String class, StringBuffer class, and C language strings, overview of 
    tabs, expanding and compressing 
    text documents, indenting 
    text formatting program, Fmt (example) 
    text, measuring width and height of 
    thread security and 
    written with server-side sockets, carriage return and newline character 
StringTokenizer class 
    database fields, retrieving 
    program that processes and ignores consecutive tokens 
    readLine( ), combining with 
    replacement with regular expressions 
stub or dummy versions (methods) 
stubs (RMI client), sending with registry program 
    abstract methods and 
    clone( ), providing for 
    situations for using 
    importance of 
    strings, prohibition of 
subMap( ) 
subSet( ) 
substitution methods, regular expression API 
substring( )
    CharacterIterator interface 
    indenting or removing indent in strings 
    String class  2nd  3rd 
SubstringComparator class (example) 
Sun Microsystems
    core Java API, download site 
    Internationalization Home Page 
    Java Community Source License 
    Java Internationalization and Localization Toolkit (JILT) 
    Java Software division
        resources for learning Java 
    One Studio IDE 
    Studio IDE 
suspend( )/resume( ) (Thread), deprecated methods 
SVG graphics file format 
swatches mode (colors) 
Swing GUI  2nd 
    checking runtime environment for 
    enhancing for Mac OS X 
    FileFilter interface 
    formatting component text with HTML 
    ImageIcon class 
    JApplet class  2nd 
    JFrame component 
    JFrame template 
    JOptionPane class 
    JTree components, use in mail reader 
    layout manager classes 
    look and feel, changing for program 
    resources for further reading 
    RMIWatch program, use in 
    thread safety issues 
    WindowConstants class 
SwingUtilities class 
switcher, look and feel 
SWT (Standard Windowing Toolkit) 
symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) 
        accessing databases 
        auto saving and 
    objects as targets of 
        ProdCons1 class (example) 
    StringBuffer vs. StringBuilder methods 
        multithreaded applications 
        wait( ) and notifyAll( ), using 
    Vector class methods 
synchronized keyword 
    thread communication, limiting 
    un-named code block within method, using on 
synchronized methods 
SysPropDemo program (example) 
system calls
    gethostbyname( ) and socket( ) 
    select( ) or poll( ) 
System class
    arrayCopy( ) 
    current time in milliseconds 
    currentTimeMillis( ) 
    exit( ) 
    gc( ) 
    getenv( )  2nd 
    getProperty( ) 
    input/output, static variables 
    loadLibrary( ) 
    relative time in nanoseconds 
    runFinalizersOnExit( ) (deprecated method) 
    Runtime class and 
system properties 
    checking for Mac OS X 
    debugging with 
    determining current operating system 
    disabling JIT 
    predefining value 
    preregistering database driver 
    user.language, System.out, and System.err 
    logging messages written to 
systems, command line  [See command line]


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