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garbage collector (GC) 
Gaussian distribution 
gc( ) (System) 
    avoiding casting by using 
        MyStack class (example) 
        MyStackDemo program (example) 
    MediaInvoicer program (example) 
    ProcessBuilder class, use with 
    using generic collections 
        ArrayListGenericDemo program (example) 
GET method, HTML 
get( )
    Calendar class  2nd 
    Collections class 
    Map interface 
get/set accessory methods, JavaBean public properties 
getAllByName( ) (InetAddress) 
getAppletContext( ) 
getAvailableLocales( ) (Locale) 
getBeginIndex( ) (FieldPosition) 
getBundle( ) (ResourceBundle)  2nd 
getByName( ) (InetAddress)  2nd 
getClass( )
    Object class 
    testing subclass fields 
getCodeBase( ) 
    Applet class 
getColor( ) (Graphics) 
getComponents( ) 
getConnection( ) (DriverManager)  2nd  3rd 
getConstructors( ) 
getContent( ) (URL) 
getContentPane( ) (JFrame) 
getDefaultInstance( ) (Session) 
getDescription( ) (FileFilter) 
getDevNull( ) 
getDocumentBase( ) 
getEndIndex( ) (FieldPosition) 
getenv( ) (System) 
getFields( ) (Class)  2nd 
getFilePointer( ) 
getFont( ) (Graphics) 
getFrom( ) 
getHeight( ) 
getHost( ) 
getHostAddress( ) (InetAddress) 
gethostbyname( ) system call 
getHostName( ) (InetAddress) 
GetImage class (example) 
getImage( )  2nd  3rd  4th 
    Applet class 
getImageLoadStatus( ) (ImageIcon) 
getInetAddress( ) (Socket) 
getInputStream( )
    CommPort class 
    Process class 
    SerialPort class 
    server-side sockets 
    Socket class 
    ZipEntry class 
getInstance( )
    Calendar class  2nd 
    DateFormat class 
    Locale class 
    NumberFormat class 
    Singleton pattern and 
getLastModified( ) 
getLineNumber( ) (LineNumberReader) 
getLocalHost( ) (InetAddress) 
getLogger( ) (Logger) program (example) 
getMethod( ) 
getMethods( ) 
    Class class 
getName( ) (ZipEntry) 
GetOpt class (example) 
    program using 
    source code 
getopt function (C library) 
getOutputStream( )
    CommPort class 
    SerialPort class 
    server-side sockets 
    Socket class 
getParameter( ) 
getPortIdentifiers( ) (CommPortIdentifier)  2nd 
getPreferredSize( ) 
getPriority( ) (Thread) 
getProperties( ) (System)  2nd 
getProperty( ) (System)  2nd  3rd 
getResource( )
    Class class 
    class loaders 
getResourceAsStream( ) 
getResultSetMetaData( ) (ResultSet) 
getScreenSize( ) (Toolkit) 
getSize( ) 
getSubject( ) 
getTime( )
    Calendar class  2nd 
    Date class  2nd  3rd 
getTimeMillis( ) (System) 
GetURLs class (example) 
getWarnings( ) (Connection) 
getWidth( ) 
GfxDemoCanvas (Java 2), printing 
GlassPane container 
GNU, gzip/gunzip utilities 
    components, testing 
    drawing drop shadow effect 
    Grapher class (example) 
    images, drawing 
    painting with a Graphics object 
    PlotterAWT class (example) 
    printing in Java 
    SVG graphics file format 
        drawing in components 
        drawing with 2D 
        drawing with an application font 
    video file, displaying within Java program 
Graphics class 
    drawImage( ) 
    drawing primitives 
    drawString( ) 
Graphics2D class  2nd 
    setPaint( ) 
greedy multipliers, regular expression  2nd 
GregorianCalendar class 
    converting YMDHMS to 
    toString( ) 
grep program 
    Grep2 class (example) 
    GrepNIO program (example) 
    line-at-a-time matching 
    Unix, command-line options 
    writing full program 
    writing simple grep-like program 
GridBagLayout layout manager 
GridLayout layout manager 
group( )  2nd 
groupCount( ) 
grouping, in regular expressions 
GUI Builders, class requirements for use as JavaBean 
GUIs (graphical user interfaces) 
    action handling 
        anonymous inner classes, using 
    adding components, drawing vs. 
    catching and formatting exceptions 
    color, choosing 
    components, displaying 
        thread safety 
    email client based on 
        MailComposeFrame class (example) 
    event model, Java versions 
    events and event listeners 
    FontChooser dialog (example) 
    formatting JComponents with HTML 
    Interface Builder, Mac OS X 
        configuring from resource bundle 
        menu (example) 
    java.awt package 
    JFileChooser dialog 
    JILKIT, for JILT 
    layout managers, creating custom 
    Mac OS X, checking for 
    main window, centering on screen 
    NetBeans IDE, GUI builder 
    program output, getting into a window 
    Swing  [See also Swing GUI]
        enhancing for Mac OS X 
        JFrame component 
        JTree component, use in mail reader 
        look and feel, changing for program 
    Swing and Cocoa, Mac OS X 
    tab layout 
    terminating a program 
    unit testing classes 
    window layout, designing 
gzip/gunzip utilities, GNU 
GZipInputStream class 
GZipOutputStream class 


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