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.h file, creating with javah 
Handler class (example)  2nd  3rd 
hardware details for I/O ports on platforms 
hashCode( ) 
    overriding and implementing your own 
HashMap class 
    containsKey( ), containsValue( ) 
    converting to TreeMap 
    equals( ) and hashCode( ) 
HashSet class, contains( ) 
Hashtable class  2nd 
    contains( ) 
    containsKey( ), containsValue( ) 
    converting to TreeMap 
    equals( ) and hashCode( ) 
hasMoreElements( ) (Enumeration) 
hasMoreTokens( ) (StringTokenizer) 
hasNext( ) (Iterator)  2nd  3rd 
headMap( ) 
headSet( ) 
HelloApplet class (example) 
HelloApplet program, HTML page for 
HelloWorld class (example)
    C native implementation of 
    compiling into Unix makefile 
    JNI (Java Native Interface), using 
HelloWorld program, running from JAR file 
HELO command 
help files, internationalization of 
HeronÕs formula for area of triangle 
hexadecimal, converting integers to/from 
hostnames (socket connections) 
    addresses, getting all for 
    Internet address of 
    localhost alias 
HotSpot Just-In-Time translator, preserving line numbers in tracebacks 
HSB (hue, saturation, or brightness) mode, for colors 
htm filename suffix (instead of html)  2nd 
    applets, (HelloApplet example) 
    applets, template file for 
    BuzzInServlet (example), linking to 
    converting for Java Plug-in 
    embedding Java applet in page 
    extracting all tags from a URL 
    formatting JComponents with 
    invoking applets with HTML pages 
    MailtoButton.htm (example) 
    transforming XML to 
    XML vs. 
.html filename extension (Javadoc) 
htons (host to network short) byte order macro 
    multithreaded network server (Handler example) 
    requests, Handler class (example) 
    socket-based server for 
    XML distributed applications, using with 
Httpd class (example) 
HttpdConcurrent class (example) 
hypertext links, automated checker 


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Java Cookbook, Second Edition
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Year: 2003
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Authors: Ian F Darwin

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