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I18N  [See internationalization]
I18N class (example) 
    calendar classes 
    Jikes compiler 
    SWT (Standard Windowing Toolkit) 
    WebSphere Studio Application Developer 
ICU4J (International Components for Unicode for Java) 
IDEs (integrated development environments) 
    applet template files (HTML), writing 
    compiling, running, and testing with 
        Export Mac OS Application wizard 
    externalization mechanisms 
    GUI construction in 
Image class 
    prepareImage( ) 
ImageIcon class 
        GetImage class (example) 
        loading image, ensuring with MediaTracker 
        TiledImageComponent class (example) 
        displaying with animation 
        displaying with video 
    size, finding 
IMAP transport mechanism 
    of BigInteger and BigDecimal objects 
    of File objects 
    of strings 
incrementing array index 
incrementing integers 
IndentContLineReader class (example) 
    source code 
indenting text documents 
indexer for files, creating 
    array, incrementing 
    beginning and end, getting for strings 
    index.html file 
    starting and ending, for text matching a pattern 
    for strings 
        characters, retrieving by number 
indexOf( ) 
    String class  2nd 
Inet6Address class 
InetAddress class 
    getByName( ) 
inetd (Unix) 
INFINITY constants 
Inflater class 
info( ) (Logger) 
    toString( ) (Object), by other classes 
    XML schemas 
init( ) (Applet) 
    Hayes-type modem 
    JDBC drivers 
    overhead, in Java program timing 
inline code generation 
Inline::Java module  2nd  3rd 
inner classes  2nd 
    action handlers, using as 
    anonymous, using for action handling 
    member of another class 
    providing Runnable interface implementation 
        Join class (example) 
    Thread class, extending with (ProdCons2 example) 
    binary data, reading or writing 
    ClassCastExceptions, preventing with serialVersionUID 
    compressed files (gzip), reading/writing 
    continued lines, reading 
    converting text to PostScript 
    copying files 
        FileIO class (example) 
    discarding output with operating systemsÕ null device 
    end-of-line characters 
    exchanging binary data between C and Java 
    external program output, capturing 
    extracting words or operators from input stream 
    file content, reading into string 
    getting streams with Socket methods 
    hardware details for I/O ports on platforms 
    hashing classes and Properties subclass, output 
    JAR or zip archives, reading or writing files 
    Java classes package  2nd 
    New I/O (NIO) package 
        CharBuffer class 
        GrepNIO (example) 
        ReaderIter class 
    ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream 
    opening files by name 
    parallel ports
        preparing and opening 
        resolving conflicts in 
    platform-independent code, writing 
    printing with Formatter class 
    program output, displaying in window 
    reading or writing to particular location in file 
    reading/writing different character set 
    reassigning standard streams 
    scanning files with StreamTokenizer 
        calculator (example) 
    scanning input with Scanner class 
    scanning tools 
    serial port, preparing and opening for 
    serialized objects, saving and restoring 
    standard input, reading 
    standard output, writing to 
        duplicating while writing 
        getting with Socket class 
        readers/writers and 
    Unicode, use in Java 
    XML document output 
InputStreamReader class  2nd  3rd 
    character encoding, specifying 
INSERT statement, SQL 
insert( ) (StringBuilder) 
InstallAnywhere software installer 
installing software 
InstallShield (MS-Windows software installer) 
instanceof operator 
Instant Database 
instantiating classes dynamically 
int data type
    arrays of, multiplying 
    C program reading long integers as int 
    converting between an Integer object 
    converting to Integer with autoboxing 
    hash code values 
    stacking (example) 
    storing as short, char, or byte 
    wrapper class for value 
Integer class  2nd 
    parseInt( ) 
    valueOf( ) 
    BigInteger class 
    binary, writing into file 
    char and 
    checking numbers for 
    converting between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal 
    converting between int and Integer object 
    converting from int value to an Integer with autoboxing 
    converting to binary, octal, and hexadecimal strings 
    division by zero 
    Java data types 
    operating on series of 
    random numbers, scaling and rounding doubles for 
    reading C-language unsigned int 
    reading from standard input 
integrated development environments  [See IDEs]
    commonly-used, listing of 
    comparison, summary of 
    defining functionality in unrelated classes 
    providing callbacks via 
        proxy objects implementing 
    situations for using 
International Components for Unicode for Java (ICU4J) 
internationalization  2nd 
    button with I18N resources, creating 
    convenience routines, writing for 
        I18N class (example) 
    dates and times  [See also dates and times]2nd 
        Date class, limitations of 
        java.text and java.util package classes 
    documentation for 
    Internationalization Home Page (Sun) 
    JILT toolkit 
    JOptionDemo class (example) 
        changing default for Java runtime 
        default, using at runtime 
        listing available 
        nondefault, using 
        property filenames for different 
        returning date for 
        in a GUI-based program (example) 
        MenuIntl class (example) 
    message text in dialogs and help files 
    messages, formatting 
    resource bundles, creating for 
    steps in 
    strings, comparing 
    user interface controls, configuring from resource bundle 
Internet email protocols, classes for 
Internet Explorer  [See also browsers]
    applet working in, using Java Plug-in 
Internet header files, C byte-order macros in 
Internet Inter-Orb Protocol (IIOP) 
Internet mail, books about 
Interpreter design pattern 
interrupt( ) (Thread) 
interrupting threads 
    Java statement boundaries and 
introspection  2nd 
    class methods and fields, finding and using 
    constructing a class from scratch 
    cross-referenced listing, Java API 
    dynamically loading Applet subclasses 
    getting class descriptor 
    JUnit testing tool, use with 
    loading and instantiating a class dynamically 
    performance timing for programs 
    printing class information 
    set/get method pairs, finding with 
invoicing program (MediaInvoicer) 
invoke( ) 
invokeLater( ) (EventQueue) 
IOException, use with socket connections 
IP (Internet protocol) 
IP addresses, getting 
isAlive( ) (Thread) 
isNaN( ) 
    Double class 
    Float class 
ISO language codes (locale names) 
isProbablyPrime( ) (BigInteger) 
istabstop( ) (Tabs example class) 
Item class, run( ) 
    foreach, using on arrays and collections 
    over key/value pairs (DBM file) 
    over ResultSet 
    Scanner class, use by 
Iterator class
    downcasting references obtained from to specific type 
    hasNext( ) 
    hasNext( ) and next( ) 
    data structuring with
        Iterator interface 
    data-independent access with 


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