Key Learnings for Speaking on the Spot


  • Find out beforehand what the meeting is about. Think through your viewpoint. Be prepared for the impromptu situation. That’s what distinguishes us in life.

  • Use the speak-on-the-spot format to organize those thoughts. It will make your comments—and you—more impressive.

  • Be a physical presence. Sit up straight, speak up, focus on one person at a time when speaking. Save the slouching for later.

  • Seize the opportunity the meeting provides. Be a mover and shaker. You are smart enough; you know how to do it. Why let others steal the glory?


  • Start with your viewpoint. Instead, start by rephrasing the subject. It gives you ownership of everything that follows.

  • Think you can wing it. Spend the time. Prepare. Do it right.

  • Drone on. Sixty seconds is plenty of time. Your goal is to contribute, not to bore.

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