Chapter 14


From which file system do edge CEs serve prepositioned content?


CEs serve prepositioned content from the cdnfs file system.


What is a manifest file used for and why wouldn't you use the CDM GUI instead?


A manifest file is an XML document that web developers can use to specify the content that they want prepositioned to the ACNS network. Because web developers do not normally administer the ACNS network, the XML manifest file provides them a standard interface into the ACNS network.


What is the criteria for choosing the root-CE?


Primarily, the root CE should be the closest CE to the origin server containing the content. You should also make sure that the root CE has the CPU, memory, and disk capacity to handle distributing channel content through your ACNS network.


What is the relationship between a location leader and a location forwarder?


The location leader unicast-pulls content of a channel from the forwarder of its parent location.


What do you require to stream prepositioned RealMedia formatted files?


You need to obtain a license for RealSubscriber to stream prepositioned RealMedia formatted files. In contrast, to stream RealNetworks format from on-demand cache (non-prepositioned), you need to obtain the RealProxy license.

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