Lesson4.3.Grouping Information

Lesson 4.3. Grouping Information

Figure 4-4. Results of a critical task grouping.

We touched on sorting tasks and resources in the previous lesson, but this lesson will concentrate solely on grouping. Grouping is a handy organizational tool, allowing you to focus on a variety of project angles. This lesson focuses on grouping tasks, but you can group resources the same way.

  1. Select Project The tasks on the Gantt Chart are now grouped by tasks that are critical and tasks that are not critical, as shown in Figure 4-4. The group headings are highlighted in yellow.

  2. Click the collapse button in the yellow Critical: No heading.

    The tasks that are not critical are collapsed, so that the critical tasks are easier to see.

    Now go back to the default Gantt Chart task order.

  3. Select Project You are now back to your default view.

Who knew there were so many ways to group the project's tasks? Grouping resources is done the same way, but in a resource view instead of a task view.


To View Grouped Information:

  1. Select Project

    Choose a grouping option from the menu.

To Return to the Default View:

  • Select Project

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