Recipe 6.3. Adding Preview Information to Links


You need to give site visitors extra information about a link, or provide a textual preview of a link's destination.


Use the title attribute of the <a> tag to display additional information when a user mouses over a link:

 <a href="/index.html" title="Return to the home page">…text or image to be linked… </a> 


The title attribute for links works similarly to the alt attribute of the <img> tag. When the user passes her mouse over a linked phrase or image, the browser displays a small text tag (see Figure 6-1). The latest versions of Internet Explorer for Windows and Mac, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Netscape Navigator will display the tag. Navigator Version 4 will not.

Figure 6-1. The title attribute of an <a> tag appears as floating box in most newer browsers when a user holds her cursor over a linked image or bit of text

Web site links can create anxiety for web surfers who aren't sure what will happen when they click the link. Linked words and phrases have the advantage of explaining themselves to web surfers (that is, if they're well-writtensee Recipe 6.2). When you add a link to an image, your site visitors often can benefit from additional information that explains the results of clicking the link. A title attribute can be useful for identifying offsite links (even text-based ones), links that open in a new browser window, links that enlarge an image in a pop-up window, and links that create a new email message, among other things. Combined with code for an image map, title attributes also can be used to annotate a complex image or group photo.

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