Chapter 1. Web Server Setup


    Recipe 1.1.  Registering a Domain Name

    Recipe 1.2.  Managing and Protecting a Domain Name

    Recipe 1.3.  Choosing a Server Platform and Hosting Plan

    Recipe 1.4.  Enabling Server-Side Includes

    Recipe 1.5.  Setting the Default Filename for a Directory or Entire Site

    Recipe 1.6.  Making Sure Your Web Site Loads With and Without the "www" Prefix

    Recipe 1.7.  Creating and Accessing Directories Outside the Web Site Root Directory

    Recipe 1.8.  Automating Routine Tasks

    Recipe 1.9.  Restarting Your Web Server

    Recipe 1.10.  Monitoring Web Server Activity

    Recipe 1.11.  Building an Easy-to-Maintain Web Site with Free Tools

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