My first dedication is to God as thanks for giving me this stuff called creativity and the opporunity to use it every day. Then to my beautiful wife Candice and two wonderful daughters Logan and Chloe. To my father, Jim Purgason, for teaching me how to work, and to my mother, Terrie Purgason, for teaching me how to strive for the seemingly impossible . To my company, Juxt Interactive, for the time, my partner Steve Wages for the support, and Brian Drake for pushing me to keep on my toes. To Macromedia for the great tools, and specifically to my fellow cow-tippers Brian Schmidt and Eric Wittman. To my peers that inspire and push me daily, Jimmy Chin, Josh Ulm, Brad Johnson, and too many others to mention. Finally, to the man I call a friend and an inspiration, to whom I will forever be honored and flattered by the opportunity to design his book: Thanks, Hillman; it was a blast.


Much of life is working with the cards you're dealt and I'd like to thank the four aces who showed up for this hand: Ian, Todd, Fred and that ace of aces, Hillman.


I would like to thank my father Robert, my sisters Lorna and Caroline, and my brother Raymond. Your expressions of pride , love, and support have been a great source of strength in my life and work.

I would especially like to thank my wife Pamela. Your tireless and selfless testing and editing on this chapter was the greatest help of all.


I would like to thank my Mother and Father for their tireless support and wisdom, my brother Adam, sister Laryn, and Grandpap Simon... also Alain, Angie, John B., Nav, Tom, Gugga, Erin, Brig, Steve, Homera, the teams at DSW and the FeedRoom ”and, of course, Hillman and Christina.

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