Hillman CURTIS

Writing this book was a team effort. My heartfelt thanks go out to the following:

Joseph Lowery, for writing this book with me. I couldn't have done it without him. (Check out Joe's upcoming books Dreamweaver 3 Bible and the Fireworks 3 Bible. )

Todd Purgason, for coming in and owning the book design. Todd graced this book with his focus, passion, and exceptional gift for design, not to mention his excellent chapter contribution.

Steve Balle-Gifford, who worked with Todd and put in a super-human effort with the layout and interior design.

All of us at are grateful to have as our art director, Ian Kovalik. My deepest thanks to Ian for his creative and insightful chapters.

Fred Sharples hired me at Macromedia some four years ago (we're both indies now), and we've been buddies ever since. No one has the mind this guy has, and I'm honored he's shared his knowledge with me/us in Chapter 8.

And thanks to Dave Baldeschwieler and Eric Wittman, friends from Macromedia for their contributions as tech editor and author of the book's foreword, respectively.

Thanks to Homera Chaudhry for running so effectively that both Ian and I had time to give to this book.

Thanks again to Christina for proofing, re-writing, love, and support.

Also thanks to the team of Steve Weiss, Jennifer Eberhardt, Kathy Nelson, and Chris Nelson at New Riders who provided me with the perfect amount of direction, support, and encouragement.

My deepest thanks to all the good people at Razorfish NYC for their constant support and inspiration.

Thanks to Katherine Green for helping me grow as a designer, Buck Bito and all of the Macromedia Creative Services team, Matt Connors, Brian Schmidt, Rob Burgess for always saying "No gratuitous animation!", Tom Hale, Alan Felgate and all of Macromedia.

And thanks always to Mrs. John Butler, Mrs. Sears Lehmann, Rebecca Curtis and family, Madeleine Curtis and family, Joan Connors, Sarah Manning, Hugh Curtis, Garret Matoso (, David Souvlewski, Dave Munro, David Hartt, Mike Davis, Brian Weisberg, David Edwards, JodyMattDonLauraEdQuentinLisaDanPaulDaveLizCakelikeDonPiperSituationLitPlasticAutomat.

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