STEP 01 file SETUP

First, I set the movie dimensions at 80 wide by 60 high via File > Modify > Movie. Then I set the movie width and height to 80 by 60. I typically set the fps (frames per second or "frame rate") depending on my target playback environment. If I know that the target machine is a 233 or higher and the target modem is 56k and higher, I might push my frame rate up to 20 fps, keeping in mind that a fast frame rate is going to affect streaming, because frames (assets) are being called upon sooner, and that the more frames the heavier the file size . On the other hand, if my file is going out to the general public, I will set the frame rate to 12 fps or lower and will always test on 28.8 with a slow machine to ensure acceptable playback. For this project, I'll set the frame rate at 12 fps.

Also, I set up my Flash layers , from top to bottom, in this order:



sound (snd)




background (bg)

Your layers should resemble those shown in figure 04:01.

Figure 04:01.


As with the previous examples in this book, I insert a rectangle the same size as my stage in the background layer and create a symbol (F8) of it. This allows me to control the color of the background initially and throughout the movie playback. The button layer in this file will hold an invisible button that defines the interactive onscreen area.

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