First, let me thank Fred Sharples for this insightful chapter. That said, I must admit that we have a bit of a self-serving angle for including this chapter. What we focus on at is visual communication through motion graphics. So we spend a lot of our time investigating how best to present a client's brand and message. We work hard to identify the essential elements necessary to ensure both a quick-to-download ”quick-to-play ”file, as well as a consistent and focused message. We are fortunate to have a good client roster and we are kept quite busy designing and implementing motion spots soooooo, sometimes we lose a bit of our edge on the programming side. Having Fred lay it out like this gets us back in the swing. Flash action scripting is awesome and seemingly endless in its possibilities. Understanding the principles of OOP, (not to be confused with OPP, the rap song by Naughty by Nature) is essential for working with Flash action scripts.

Flash Web Design The Art Of Motion Graphics
Flash Web Design oder: the art of motion graphics
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