Most viewers experience the web in a static and uninspiring manner stemming primarily from designers with limited tools for expression. The web browsing platform, as designers know it, is shifting from a medium of compromise to one where natural creations can be easily delivered. The fusing of media with emotion to effectively convey a message is a science only the savviest of designers have mastered but one everyone will need to be familiar with.

The evolution of the web medium from brochureware distribution to a continuously breathing organism is happening today through design-oriented tools and technologies. The power of Macromedia Flash allows designers to combine moving visuals, sound and interactivity and deliver evocative content consistently to millions of people.

Through his Flash-based work, Hillman Curtis excites emotions in viewers effectively delivering life through a web browser. The techniques illustrated in this book provide insightful information on how to make functional, efficient designs using Macromedia Flash. This book is a resource every designer creating Flash content should have in his or her design toolbox.

”Eric J. Wittman

Senior Product Manager

Flash, Macromedia

Flash Web Design The Art Of Motion Graphics
Flash Web Design oder: the art of motion graphics
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