John Cummings: I would like to take a moment to thank some folks who are always there to lend me a hand when I need it. First and foremost, there is my beautiful wife, Laura, who is always there to support me regardless of what I'm into. On the ColdFusion side of things, I'd like to thank Debbie Dickerson, Stephanie Juma, Rob Panico, and Dave Stanten for never running me off when I bug them with questions, Judy Ricciarelli and Mark Sefton for letting me do this type of thing, and Sean Bordner for introducing me to ColdFusion and taking the time to teach me what he knew. Thank you to my coauthor, Neil Ross, who is a pleasure to work with. Also, thanks to the many contributors who have helped make this book a reality, Sarge, and Keen Haynes. I'd also like to thank the great folks at New Riders Publishing, specifically Linda Bump, Elise Walter, and Chris Zahn, for allowing me to work with a wonderful and professional team. Finally, I want to thank Mema and Pepa, who really deserve all the credit for me actually doing something with my life.

Neil Ross: I would like to dedicate the time and effort put into making this book a reality to my wife, Louise, and to our great kids, Megan, Katherine, and Jackson. They put up with my seemingly endless hours locked away in my office and were always there to make sure that every little break that I had was filled with hugs, laughter, and loads of support. I want to also thank John Cummings for all of his work and dedication to this project and for keeping our conversations always unpredictable. Thanks to Linda Bump for allowing John and me to get involved with this project, and to Elise Walter and Chris Zahn for helping us stay on target. Last, but not least, thanks to Keen Haynes and Sarge for their contributions to this book.

Robi Sen: I would like to first thank Elise Walter, Linda Bump, and Chris Zahn as well as all the other folks at New Riders who helped out on this book. Most people think editors are there just to keep you on task and fix your grammar, but our editors went out of their way to get us what we needed, proof our content, format it, and basically make what was a very difficult deadline to meet easier. I would also like to thank John Cummings and Neil Ross who were my coauthors and a delight to work with as well as very bright people. I would also like to thank Shlomy Gantz, David Medinets, and Mark Bronner who helped with content of the book as well as moral support. Thanks also to Doug Henderson, who helped with the examples for the CF and COM section of the book. Final thanks to my family who were supportive during the three months I worked on this book.

Inside ColdFusion MX
Inside Coldfusion MX
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