action = "getAll"

 <cfregistry action = "getAll"          branch = "branch"          type = "data type"          name = "query name"          sort = "criteria"> 

action = "get"

 <cfregistry action = "get"          branch = "branch"          entry = "key or value"          variable = "variable"          type = "data type"> 

action = "set"

action = "delete"


Reads, writes, and stores values in the system registry. Provides persistent storage of client variables.


action (Required)

Options include getall/get/set/delete.

branch (Required)

Name of a registry branch.

type (Optional)

The type of registry setting as a string.

name (Required)

Name of recordset to contain returned keys and values.

sort (Optional)

Default: ASC. A non-case-insensitive sort of query data.

entry (Required)

Registry value to access.

variable (Required)

Variable into which to put value.

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