<cfreport report = "report_path"          dataSource = "ds_name"          type = "type"          timeout = "number of seconds"          orderBy = "result_order"          username = "username"          password = "password"          formula = "formula">  </cfreport> 


Use this tag to interface with Crystal Reports through the CFCRYSTAL.EXE file. Crystal Reports parameters are set by the attribute values that are set within the tag.


datasource (Optional)

Name of a registered datasource.

type (Optional)

Default: standard. Options include standard, netscape, and microsoft.

timeout (Optional)

Maximum time in which a connection must be made to a Crystal Report.

report (Required)

This sets the path in which to store Crystal Reports files.

orderBy (Optional)

Orders results according to your specifications.

username (Optional)

If the username is other than the one set in the ColdFusion Administrator, then use this attribute to specify the username.

password (Optional)

Password that corresponds to the username.

formula (Optional)

One or more named formulas. If you are using more than one formula, use a semicolon to separate the values.

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